We are an independently owned local-business. Like you, we love fashion and that thrill of finding a truly unique piece, or scoring a great deal. And like you, we also think about the ecological consequences of fashion. We believe most quality clothes have a lot of life left in them, and what one person might consider out of place in their wardrobe is potentially the perfect item missing from another's closet!

The shop is located on East Whyte Avenue right between the Acoustic Music Shop and the K&K Foodliner, and near the Empress Bakery and the Empress Ale House. We believe in the importance of small-businesses and supporting local economies. We are committed to developing our community, and clothing that does not sell in the store (and that the owner does not want returned) is donated to local charities that make an immediate, positive impact on the lives of others.

The Blog

My name is Yannick and I own Red Pony with my spouse, Rod. Rod also owns the Acoustic Music Shop and together we have two young daughters. I am originally from Belgium and I love to knit. On the blog I love talking about local designers, independant Canadian brands, hand-made goods and sustainability-focused approaches to fashion. I get really excited about clothes with historical references, futuristic inspiration, asymmetry -but also symmetry!- , busy vintage patterns and also geometric minimalism. I love it all! I love everything we have in the shop, and I love sharing it with you on the blog!