Consign with us!

We love fashion! We especially love independent brands, unique fashions, and some of the other great quality stuff from your closet that is no more than 2 years old (unless it's your best condition vintage, of course!). We can be a bit picky (no stains or rips, please) and we will turn down items from large department stores, like Joe Fresh. Three months after we accept your items we will give you a cheque for your sold items, or if you are a Red Pony fan we can leave it as a credit on your account for your next Red Pony purchase. So give us a call to make an appointment to consign with us. Want more details on how it works? Check out the small print.....

Small Print:

*We accept clothing by appointment only
*To make an appointment please phone the store (780.435.0655).  We do not do appointments by email.
*Spring/Summer clothing accepted from Jan to June.  Fall/Winter clothing is accepted July to December
* our consignment period is 12 weeks
* we accept both men's and women's clothing, shoes and accessories
* items will only be accepted if they are of current styles (last 2 years), in new  condition and freshly laundered
* a minimum of 10 items is needed to start an account
* a maximum of 50 items will be accepted per consignor per visit
* all sell prices will be determined by Red Pony and at what we feel is fair market value
* items will be discounted 50% if unsold after 8 weeks
* consignor will receive 40% of the final sale price of the item
* money will only be paid out at the end of the consignment contract
*unsold items will be held for pickup for 1 week after the consignment period. If items are not picked up they will become property of Red Pony and sent to charity
* there is a steaming charge of $1.00 per wrinkled item